Implementing collaborative skills into an upper secondary curriculum

Vladimira Froldova, Czech Republic, ID LLCE2016-315;       In response to the changes taking place in an online learning environment, this study tries to answer the question if collaborative skills should be taught at upper secondary schools and in which subjects preferably.

As part of this review, the difference between the cooperative and collaborative teaching and learning is summarized. Secondly, the paper describes the theoretical background of the collaborative skills suitable for implementing in upper secondary school learning and home preparations. To support the idea, a short case study presents a good practice of promoting and enhancing collaborative skills and outlines their positives and shortcomings. The author suggests that learning collaborative skills at this school level is necessary for building students’ confidence in any kind of team working they might be involved during their university studies or their future jobs.


Key words: cooperation, collaboration, collaborative skills, upper secondary school curriculum



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