Integral education – way to a better understanding of the world

Prof. Piotr Błajet & Prof. Beta Przyborowska, Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun, Poland, ID LLCE2018-372;      Abstract: 15 billions years ago there was Nothing. Now, after Big Bang we have everything: atoms, molecules, proteins, life, homo sapiens, many many perspectives The aim of the integral education is to make new Nothing from everything. How to make it? We have mind and mind has the ability to construct perspectives: f.ex. thanks to our mind we can be in the past, present and future,  inside and outside ourselves, in my mind and in others’ minds. Thus, the aim of Integral education is to create non-perspectives view by constructing and mixing/melting perspectives, constructing and mixing/melting perspectives…This is a never-ending process. Wilber’s integral theory claims that if an approach to education excludes any of the perspectives, it falls short of a truly Integral approach. By using integral approach we can deal more effectively with different problems: in culture, in education, in science, in medicine, in love, in society etc.

Kee words: education, integral theory , multi-perspectives-view, constructivism, integral development



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