Internet and Future of Pakistani Literature in 21st Century

Muhammad Kamran, Pakistan, ID CLEaR2016-313;        It is a fact not deniable  that evolution is an ongoing process. It triggers the quest of innovative paradigms for the promotion of fine arts and literature. The use of internet has compressed the wide distances of the universe. The use of Internet is increasing day by day in Pakistan. Such digital progress in digital world has deep effects on social, economic, literary and political life. Interdisciplinary research has not only bestowed new dimensions upon the minds but also has led to the ways of integrity in different spheres of fine arts. In my research paper, I shall focus on the point that the Internet has proved itself an important source regarding promotion of art, culture and literature in Pakistan. The Internet reader shall find this research paper a basic document for understanding the trends of arts and variation of cultures in Pakistan. The article while discussing the role of Internet in the promotion of Pakistani art and literature also touches upon the contemporary literary, social and political milieu of the Pakistani society in 21st century.



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