Jordanian EFL Students’ Obstacles of Utilizing Online Learning: A Survey Study

Khaleel Bataineh, Irbid National University, Jordan: This study aims at finding out the main barriers preventing students in Jordan from using online learning from their perspective. To achieve this objective, a questionnaire was developed and the validity and reliability of the questionnaire were checked. A simple random sampling was used forming a sample of (400) students. The results indicate that the online learning infrastructure is an immense barrier that obstructs the utilization of online learning at Jerash University. Also, there are statistically significant differences in the barriers that faced students while they are using online learning based on gender and studying year variables in favor of female and students of first year respectively. Moreover, the results of the study revealed that there is an interaction between gender and teaching year variables. Finally, in light of the results, the study recommended that additional efforts from decision makers and teachers should be taken into consideration for the sake of online learning process improvement.


Key words: barriers, Online Learning, Higher Education, ICT, Jordan



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