Indonesia, ID LLCE2016-256;         The research aims at investigating Language Education Policy at Basic Education Institutions in Southeast Asia in the Era of Asean Economic Community Integration.  In 2015 the Integration of Asean Economic Community was formally established. ASEAN stands for Asssociation of South East Asian Nations. Asean Economic Integration includes ten countries. They are Singapore, Thailand, Miyanmar, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, Vietnam, Philipines, Lao PDR and Cambodia. People of Asean Economic Community have their own national language. Some Southeast Asian Nations use Malay as their first language and English as their second language particularly those who belong to Common Wealth Countries. The research was conducted at Schools in Central Sulawesi of Eastern Indonesia. Language education policy in Indonesia includes the teaching of English as a Global Language, the teaching Indonesian language as a national language and the teahing of local language as a local cultural identity. Indonesia National Language or Bahasa Indonesia is originally from Malay Language. English in Indonesia is a foreign language but it is the most favorite foreign language taught formally at schools since the biginning of Indonesian political Independence. In order to anticipate the social interaction and improve communication skills among people of Asean Economic Community from different countries in the Era of Asean Economic Community Integration, Language Education have been intensively promoted and developed. The researcher employed qualitative approach and with the main insruments included indepth interview, observation and documentation. The research findings show that the teaching and learning of English become much more popular than the teaching of other languages since majority of stakeholders consider that English can become an effective medium of communication among members of Asean Economic Ecommunity particularly in the Era of Asean Economic Community Integration. Three members of Asean Economic Community use Malay as a Lingufranca. They are Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei. Some people of Singapore and South Thailand can speak Malay as well. Bahasa Indonesia which was originally from Malay Language recommended to be an alternative linguafranca particularly among some Asean Economic Community members speaking Malay. People from other countries who visit Indonesia for particular bisuness reasons, need to learn local culture and local language in order that they could be easily welcome and accepted to run bussines with the local people. Therefore, the teaching of local language at schools is considered important and promising.

Key Words: Asean, Language Education, Language policy, teaching, learning, school, curriculum



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