Language education support for children with different mother language in preschool age

Zuzana Bánovčanová, University of Trnava, Slovakia;    Abstract: With the increasing number of migrants in Europe, children from different cultural and language backgrounds are entering schools. Teachers and school principals in Slovakia are already encountering this problem. The contribution is focused on the support of language education for children, which the Slovak legislation calls as children of foreigners. The planned introduction of compulsory preschool education in Slovakia will bring an increase in the number of such children in kindergartens. Schools and kindergartens thus enter children who do not speak Slovak and teachers do not speak their language. The paper will point out the system of state support of language education for these children and their parents, which has significant gaps and we will suggest possible ways of support, which exist already in the Czech Republic.


Key words: children with different mother language, language education, kindergarten, state support



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