Language in life of Namibian Czechs

Pavel Miškařík, Slovakia, ID LLCE2017-146;         Abstract: Paper reviews the self-identification of group of so called Namibian Czechs and an effect of different languages which they use as languages of communication and education through their lifetime. The Namibian Czechs are orphans, half orphans or children of former fighters for freedom of Namibia. After serious threats they were exposed to, Czechoslovakian government adopted 56 of them. They stayed in Czechoslovakia from 1985 till 1991, when they adopted Czech language as a language of their communication, because they use it in teaching process. After rapid political changes in both countries children were relocated to Namibia in September of 1991. At the moment the official language in the country was German and later Oshiwambo. None of kids spoke German and they had troubles speaking Oshiwambo as well. During the struggle with adaptation to new environment some of them have been making efforts to return to Czech Republic. Fourteen of them were granted scholarship on Czech universities. Through life story of these individuals I will explain how language in education process and a language of communication affect identity of individuals.

Key words: identity, language of communication, language of education, self-identification



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