Learner Autonomy as a Factor in Success in E-learning

Zuzana Straková, University of Presov, Slovakia, ID LLCE2018-377;    Abstract: E-learning in higher education has become a legitimate tool building learning environment whether as a support for face-to-face learning or distance courses. Being able to function properly in virtual learning environment requires certain qualities for self-regulating the learning process and certain level of application of metacognitive learning strategies. The study focuses on the perception of higher education students of their abilities to master e-learning courses based on execution of metacognitive strategies. The data were collected by qualitative methods (interviews and journaling) and findings reveal interesting results. The higher education students do not feel confident in applying metacognitive learning strategies into their learning process due to the lack of experience. They do not see themselves as the main generator of decisions concerning the learning process and at the same time they do not accept the full responsibility for the results they receive. However, they seem to be keen using the opportunities in which new technologies allow them to stay connected with the learning content. The pedagogical implications are presented at the end of the study.



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