Levels of Taking Initiative of Teachers Belong to Baby Boomer, X and Y Generations

Muhammed Mehmet Mazlum & Ayşegül Atalay Mazlum, Turkey, ID 2017-106;        Abstract: In today's society, changes and developments in organization, administration and education fields have made the work of teachers increasingly complex. In order to get into the information society, get students centered and meet the demand of families and changing needs of students, teachers need to shoulder the responsibilities that haven’t been demanded from them before. Therefore, teachers are expected to exhibit active behaviors by themselves that go beyond what they have to do in the line of their duty, in other words take initiative, without any explicit instruction. In this quantitative research, the level of taking the initiative by teachers was determined and the state of differentiation of teacher opinions according to various variables (generation, gender, school type, seniority etc.) was examined. Research findings show that teachers have taken more initiative especially in the first years of the profession and in the first years of school they are in. In addition, the Baby Boomers are ready to overcome the problems more effectively before having arisen than the Generation Y. At the end of the research, recommendations were developed for practitioners and researchers.

Keywords: teacher, taking initiative, generation X, generation Y, baby boomers



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