Library and School Partnership on the Move – Elementary Students Reading the Word and the World

Sweden, ID LLCE2015-126

A study of 8 multicultural suburban Swedish classes forms the backdrop of an analysis of the role of the library in the students’ development towards becoming skilled readers. In-depth interviews with 5 teachers and one librarian involved in the classes provide empirical data, even though background information was collected with mixed research methods. The children´s educational trajectory from preschool class to third grade is in focus. The present meta-analysis highlight the role of the library and the librarian, with respect to linkages made to the children’s overall literacy development. As tool for analysis critical literacy theory was used, thus extending the influence of the librarian´s participation beyond the actual literacy practice, to the surrounding society. The results indicate that the library played a vital role in several ways, for teachers and students as well as for the parents. The collaboration between the librarian and the teachers started with the librarian having book talks. Finally, she participated also in planning and follow-up activities, linking the worlds in and out of school.  

library, book flood, 2nd language, elementary school, critical literacy



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