Lifelong Learning and Adult Education in the State of Qatar

A. S. Weber, State of Quatar, ID CLEaR2016-339;           The State of Qatar has embarked on large scale educational changes as it transition from a resource to a knowledge economy. Approximately 75% of GDP derives directly from hydrocarbons and related industries. Innovations include the education hub of Education City (a consortium of international branch campuses ) and K-12 reforms entitled Education for a New Era. Qatar also awards the annual international Wise Prize for education. Thus all international pedagogical best practices are being carefully reviewed by Qatar Foundation and the Supreme Education Council for adaptation to a culturally conservative Muslim nation. This contribution reviews the current Adult Education (AE) and Lifelong Learning (LLL) initiatives in the State of Qatar and situates these pedagogies within Qatar’s strategic plans for future growth and economic diversification. With a small population, moderate workforce participation rate, and prevalence of early retirement, LLL holds promise to improve the workforce and to develop citizens who pursue knowledge for purposes such as personal and social development, innate curiosity and cultural preservation.

Keywords: Lifelong learning; Adult education; Qatar



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