Listening Comprehension in a Blended Learning model: Burden or Enjoyment? A case study at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore

Estelle Bech, Jean-François Ghesquière, Hani Mustafa and Patricia Lorenz; Nanyang Technological University; Singapore;      Abstract: The integration of Blended learning to classroom-based teaching to students learning a foreign language aims at maximizing the benefits of each mode of delivery and thus effectively improve students’ communicative skills. Based on this assumption, the Centre for Modern Languages at Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore, has deployed a twelve-hour online language training programme in all its level 1 language classes. Using the BlackBoard learning management system (LMS) as a platform, French, German and Malay languages tailored their post-class revision eWorksheets to address their respective course content, learning objectives, and their own language difficulties. Subsequently, a survey was carried out collecting feedback from 591 students about their perceptions of their online exercises according to the parameters Ease of Learning, Usefulness, Satisfaction, Learning, Enjoyment, and Burden. The results extracted from the quantitative data show an overall positive perception of the blended learning experience among the learners of the three languages even though students perceive the online exercises as a burden due to unsuitable technical features, time spent for the completion of the exercises, and the level of difficulty. Although the different emphasis was given in the content of the online worksheets of the respective languages, the results show similar trends, with only small deviations, especially in the category of Burden. When analysing the qualitative data to better understand the trends, French stands out as it was the only language among the three to include listening comprehension exercises, which was massively perceived as a source of enjoyment rather than of burden.

Keywords: Blended-learning, foreign language, online-learning, listening comprehension, students’ perception.



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