Literary Traditions in Comparative Analysis: Attar’s ‘The Conference of the Birds’ and Dante’s ‘The Divine Comedy’

Iran, ID CLEaR2015-232

Present literature comparative study addresses the connections of literature with history, philosophy, religion and literary theory via exploring existing similarities and differences in ‘The Conference of the Birds’ and ‘The Divine Comedy’. This paper also extends a sophisticated understanding of cultural difference and diversity in literary works. This comparative study discusses theme, structure and narration of ‘The Conference of the Birds’ and’ The Divine Comedy’ in the imaginative version of medieval view. The results show Attar Attar of Nishapur and Dante Alighieri captivate their own poetic style through symbolic use, allegorical presentation, mystic experience, and mythical components in spite of all differences and similarities of context and form.

Keywords: The Conference of the birds, The Divine Comedy, Journey, Mysticism, Narrative Style.



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