Local Values Policies as Solution to Increase Human Resources Development Problem Case Study in Purwakarta, West of Java, Indonesia (2008-2016)

Indonesia, ID LLCE2016-283;       This paper examines the impacts of development policy with the focus on the local values to the rate of human development in Purwakarta region, West of Java, Indonesia. Indonesia as a multiculturalist country has many varieties in each of the region. The end of Soeharto’s centralistic and authoritarian regime gives arise to democracy in Indonesia which lead to decentralization. Decentralization is a form of freedom for the regional authority to develop each region suitable with its potential. However, many regions in Indonesia are not developing themselves corresponding to their potentials but merely following the already developed big cities. This phenomena may result in the decadence of local values in the regions. The main reason for this is the developmental plans which follow main cities like Jakarta no longer pay attention to the cultural aspects and local values, but focusing more on technology and infrastructure. However, this do not happen in Purwakarta region. In Purwakarta, since Dedy Mulyadi’s terms (2008-2012, and 2012-2017), regional developments are still adhering to local values. This paper uses two research strategies: (1) Qualitative analysis with in-depth interview, (2) case study. Data is collected through interviews, archives and published reports. This paper aims to learn how the policies adopted by Purwakarta region still adhere to local values. The Local Government doesn’t agree with the methods used by other regions in which the developmental projects do not actually pay attention to what the local people need. Policies such as improving the economy through a variety of aspects such as food industry and handcrafts become the main key in Purwakarta region. The Local Government also introduces local cultures by holding International cultural festivals which also improve tourism. These policies success are shown with the improvements from the economic sector which directly benefit the people. The success of the Local Government is hoped to aspire other regions to develop the potentials of each region with local values, since the continuous development in modern cities tend to diminish local cultures.

Keywords: Human Resources Development, Local Government, Local Values, Public Policy



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