Materials in CLIL classes: a case study

Slovakia, ID LLCE2015-238

An objective of this study was to show and investigate the process of preparing for CLIL lessons focused on materials as such. The paper briefly introduces the term CLIL, gives an insight into its history and implementation in selected European countries, to more details in Slovakia. Materials should be a part of any educational process. They are produced in order to meet expectations for learning defined by a curriculum, help teachers and assist learners. CLIL lessons are believed to be special for extra visual support learners get. Materials specifically designed for this purpose add an extra bonus in acquiring new knowledge. Moreover, they maintain the level of understanding content through a target language. Research was based on qualitative and quantitative data of which correspond to the overall aim of this study: to raise an awareness of importance in materials within lesson planning and the struggle teachers encounter while applying this method in practice.

Key words: CLIL. CLIL Pyramid. Teachers. Lesson Planning. Importance of Materials.



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