Most Troublesome Aspects of English Pronunciation to Slovaks

Michal Bodorík, Trnava University, Slovakia, ID LLCE2017-185;    Abstract: In recent years lots of attention has been paid in Slovakia to the teaching of English langue as a foreign language. Many researchers have focused in their surveys on various aspects within the language acquisition process. One of the crucial areas is the oral production of Slovak learners, the spoken language and subsequently the English pronunciation itself. Due to the fact that Slovak language has different sound inventory that English there is the discrepancy in the way learners tend to pronounce certain phonemes, words. The aim of this paper is to present findings from the research that uncovers the most common pronunciation errors of Slovaks and discusses what features should teachers of English practise more to support their learners’ needs in terms of appropriate English pronunciation uptake.

Key words: Acquisition, English Language, English Pronunciation, Errors, Mother Tongue, Slovak Learners



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