Motivation to improve pronunciation of pre-service teachers of English

Hana Vančová, University of Trnava, Slovakia;      Abstract: Pronunciation is one of the most complex issues non-native speakers must consider when they are learning a foreign language. Non-native speakers of English have outnumbered native speakers; therefore, improving learners’ pronunciation is a matter of great concern of many EFL teachers. Even if the goals of pronunciation learning have changed, the necessity to communicate clearly and effectively has not lost its importance. Research into pronunciation learning has shown that accent-free pronunciation is almost impossible to achieve with growing age; however, learners can make a considerable improvement with carefully selected training techniques. Another factor in pronunciation enhancement is the motivation that is a key component for many EFL learners. The presented study aims to provide the data collected by a questionnaire examining the main motivational factors in pronunciation improvement of pre-service teachers. The collected data provide a variety of internal and external motivational factors of participants in the study.



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