Multicultural education and educational process at Slovakian universities

Mariana Sirotová, UCM TRnava, Slovakia, ID LLCE2017-131;      Abstract: Multicultural education in relation to migration issues and developing social relations to people of different cultures is a frequently discussed topic in Slovakia these days. In the current society diversity, variety and plurality dominate, mainly when it comes to culture, which is determined by the existence, as well as the interactions of the members of different ethnics, races or nations. School education focuses on drawing attention to the existence of such differences or specifics, whereas mainly multicultural education is becoming more and more important. The educational process at universities should also include multicultural education, mainly when it comes to students, who are to become teachers themselves. Development of positive qualities and approaches and acceptance of cultural differences should necessarily be a part of the pre-gradual preparation of teachers. The article presents a content analysis of student essays on perceiving and understanding the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which was one of the elements of multicultural education carried out in the course of the educational process at university.



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