New roles of cultural exchange tours in philology study programmes

Aaron McCauley, University of Trnava, Slovakia

Abstract: Cultural exchange tours allow our students to experience different cultures and perspectives. They experience firsthand new traditions, customs and have the chance to meet new people. By spending several days in a  new culture our students have the chance to step out of their comfort zone and experience unfamiliar situations whilst communicating in English in real-time. At Trnava University we have been giving students opportunities to experience different cultures across a wide range of cultural programs, events, tours, and experiences. This presentation and paper will focus on our experience with cultural tours and exchange programs with other Anglophone countries. We will discuss student experiences and learning outcomes. We will also analyse the impact the Ukrainian conflict,  cost of living crisis and Brexit is having on the cultural exchange program decision-making process. There will also be time for a discussion to discuss best practices and exchange ideas.



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