Oops, what´s this OOSP all about? (Oxford Online Skills Program will improve your students' language skills)

Slovakia, LLCE2015-240

Homework makes good practical sense, particularly in language learning. There are certainly not enough classroom hours per week, which means not enough exposure to achieve proficiency in the language. If learning is to be effective, a good proportion of learning must take place outside these few classroom hours. As students love working online, in my presentation I would like to offer teachers and students targeted and motivating practice to improve all four language skills using a step-by-step process, encouraging students to explore, practice and reflect on their learning. The new Oxford Online Skills Program uses media rich activities, with video, audio and interactive info-graphics to engage students. Teachers can also use online Learning Management System to easily manage, monitor and measure student progress. The program is ideal for differentiated learning, since the teacher can decide how and when they want to assign homework.

Keywords: skills, online, tasks, LMS




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