Parvin E’tesami, the Last Poet of Persian Educational Literature

Iran, ID LLCE2015-121

The Educational literature is that kind of work which its content is Moral, Social or scientific doctrines and its basic aim is educating. It is one of the oldest and important Persian literary genres. The first educational literature poem work belonged to Badaeei Balkhi which is called ‘Nooshiravan’s Advices’. Naser Khosrow, Sanaei, Molavi and Saadi are most important poets who use this literary genre in their works. By the beginning of the new era and happening of Constitutional Movement, the new social and political contents entered the educational literature and after a while by their effects caused fading of this genre. Parvin Etesami was the last poet of contemporary educational literature. She also was the only woman who spent attention to this genre and by her especial powers became the one of this genre most important poet. As a woman – in the misogynist- and a human, Parvin had her own specific view to educational literature. This paper tries to investigate her views on the educational literature as the last and most famous poet of this genre.

Keywords: Educational Literature, Persian Literature, Parvin Etesami.



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