Perspectives and Challenges of Mobile-Assisted Language Learning as Perceived by Slovak EFL Students

doc. PaedDr. Rastislav Metruk, PhD., Universiyt of Žilina, Slovakia;     Abstract: Modern technologies have triggered changes in every sphere of human activity, including education. An increasing trend in an undergoing shift from the use of traditional desktop computers towards the utilization of mobile devices and smartphones for language learning purposes has been recently observed. The implementation of these devices represents new ways of foreign language learning, offering a number of advantages to both EFL learners and teachers. Nevertheless, instructors and their students need to tackle and eventually overcome several challenges related to this form of language education. The research on this phenomenon still appears to be in its infancy, especially in the Slovak context of foreign language education. This contribution attempts to introduce findings on this matter by discussing the perceptions and attitudes of mobile language learning as perceived by Slovak EFL students. The research outcomes support the notion that using smartphones in language learning represents an innovative and interesting way of language instruction, but several challenges, which need to be addressed and explored in more detail, were also detected. Finally, it is concluded that further investigation in this area is urgently needed.

Keywords: mobile-assisted language learning, attitudes and perceptions of Slovak EFL learners, smartphone-assisted language learning, challenges and pitfalls of mobile learning




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