Pluriliteracies – mapping deep learning progressions for CLIL/immersion programs (workshop)

Oliver Meyer (JGU Mainz)

Pluriliteracies Teaching for Learning (PTL) constitutes a relatively recent development in Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL). This approach has been developed to provide pathways for deep learning across languages, disciplines and cultures by focusing on the development of disciplinary or subject specific literacies. Deep learning - by which we understand the successful internalization of conceptual knowledge and the automatization of subject specific procedures/skills and strategies – is currently considered to occur only if learners are taught how to express their knowledge appropriately and in an increasingly complex and subject adequate manner.

In this presentation I would like to introduce the Graz Group Pluriliteracies Model, discuss challenges and principles of putting this approach into practice and show templates and tools such as the Pluriliteracies Wheel for Task Design along with practical materials.



Meyer, O. et al. (2015): A pluriliteracies approach to content and language integrated learning – mapping learning progressions in knowledge construction and meaning making. In: Language, Culture and Curriculum. 28/1. DOI:10.1080/07908318.2014.1000924


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