Project-based Learning to Teach Writing

Ahmad Affandi, Indonesia, ID CLEaR2016-358;       Among the attempts in improving the quality of language learning is through the adaption of learning methods from other disciplines. As an important but often neglected skill, writing is considered the most difficult skill in second or foreign language learning. This qualitative program evaluation reports the learning process from my writing class. It was sought to portray the process of teaching writing using project-based learning which also adhere several principles of genre-based approach. The participants of this research were 38 second year students at English department of a private university in Jombang, Indonesia. During the data collection, I acted as a participant observer where I taught the class based on the previously developed teaching program. One fellow lecturer observed and checked the teaching process to provide feedback and ensure that it corresponds to the lesson plan. The six week teaching program was concluded by interviewing several students regarding their perception on the learning. The findings suggested that implementing project-based learning can be an alternative in teaching EFL students writing skill.

Key Words: project-based learning, writing, teaching writing, english as a foreign language



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