Pronunciation training – perspectives of teachers, learners and review of practices

Hana Vančová, University of Trnava, Slovakia;     Abstract: Pronunciation training has been analysed from many perspectives in recent years; however, a number of research studies investigating this process, to a large extent, present dissatisfaction with the current practices for various reasons. Frequently cited reasons include the reported lack of teachers' confidence in pronunciation teaching, the expectations and needs of learners, the teaching materials available or the lack of clearly set goals. The submitted project report aims to summarise the original investigation into teachers' perspectives of pronunciation, pre-service teachers and learners of English, and selected pronunciation training practices. The data were collected through interviews, questionnaires, meta-analysis of research studies, course book analysis and action research. The data indicate the lack of correspondence between the expectations of individual participants of the process, speakers' needs in authentic communication and learning goals. However, learners are enthusiastic about pronunciation training and various manner of their training. The conclusions mention possible recommendations for pronunciation training practice.




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