Proposed Revitalization Program of the Chabacano Language in Cavite City: A Language Planning Approach

Phillipines, ID LLCE2016-221;          A several number of language scholars have proved that the existence of Chabacano language in Cavite City is leading to its death. Chabacano has been the language of the people in Cavite City as a product of their wide social interactions with the Spaniards during the 16th century. Escalante (2005) described Chabacano as a slowly becoming a dead language with fast diminishing number of speakers. Romanillos (2006), on the other hand, posed that Chabacano is forcibly pushed towards its gradual decadence due to the superiority of the language used in mass media. Pareja’s research in 2014 posited that Chabacano in Cavite City is an endangered language where language obsolescence approach was employed in the study.  The present research will primarily look at how Chabacano language in Cavite City can be revitalized using language planning (LP) approach. Eastman (1971) defines language planning as a decision making that goes into determining what language use is appropriate in a particular speech communities. In addition, LP looks at the possible choices available to a speech community and at possible recommendations of language policy for adoption by that community. The need to revitalize the Chabacano language in Cavite City will help preserve not only the language, but also the cultural heritage of its people so that the next generation Caviteños could have a trace of their roots.

This paper shall also yield to various actions and recommendations in relation to political, religious, academic, and cultural components as far as language planning is concerned. It will highlight processes and specific programs that will help revitalize the Chabacano language in Cavite City.



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