Psychodidactic aspects of learning foreign languages by adult people

Nina Kozárová & Gabriela Petrová, Slovakia, ID LLCE-319;           Psychodidactic  themes focused on the educational context have been lately resolved in many both of theoretical and research work. These themes are conected with general didactics, educational psychology, individual subject didactics, linguistics, philosophy, anthropology and neurosciences. Since the psychodidactic context of education is a widespectral and interdisciplinary topic, the present contribution deals with the issues of psycho aspects in the context of learning foreign languages by the adults.

Good lecturers are looking for the ways how to help participants to develop key competences. A support of lecturers has a chance to be successful especially when if it is systematic, including high-quality theoretical preparation. The aim of this paper is to attract attention, to a theoretical level, to using of psychodidactic aspects during foreign language training of the adults as well as to building the competences necessary for the self- realisation of training course participants.

Keywords: Psychodidactics, education of adult people, knowledge, structuring, constructivism, structuring tasks.



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