Reading habits of college communication students and its impact on their writing course performance

Philippines, ID LLCE2016-321;       Reading is a highly valuable skill that once acquired will benefit the students a lot in their academic endeavors.  The purpose of this research is to determine the relationship between students’ reading habits and their academic performance in school.  We focused our study in the field of communication where a lot of reading is required.  Our research centers primarily in knowing the reading habits of college communication students and its impact on their writing course performance. The objectives aim to identify the preferred reading materials of the students, to know how often they read, if they learn and use the learning in their writing course, and to know the writing courses the students have taken and their grades in those. John R. Anderson’s ACT Theory of Communication and Matin Seligman’s Five Pillar of Well-Being or PERMA are used as a guide for this research. The data used in this research come from reviewing related literature from different books and journals and through a survey. The research shows that students prefer entertaining reading materials more than the informative ones and that the students don’t read frequently. Ones’ reading habits affects their writing skills as well. By conducting this research, the researchers are able to discover the effect of independent reading in writing in their academic purposes.



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