Rethinking the Role of Decorative Arts in Spatial Arrangement of Iranian Traditional Houses

Maryam Mesineh Asl, Islamic Art University of Tabriz, Iran, ID LLCE2017-164;       Abstract: Spatial  arrangements  and  hierarchy in traditional houses of Iran,  along with utilization  of  decorations which was in accordance with  Iranian  culture  and  identity  distinguish  these  houses  from  their  contemporary counterparts  which  are  limited  to  merely  acting  as  shelters. Various  decorative  elements  such  as brickwork,  modeling,  tiling  and  mirror work  are among  a  few  examples  frequently  observed  in  Iranian traditional  houses  and, depending  on the climate, some  of these  decorative  elements  were applied to the exterior  environment  of  the  structure  and  other  less resistant  elements  which  could  not  bear  climatic factors  were applied to the interior  design  of the  house. In this paper, the intention is to review the attributes of the decorative arts used in interior spaces of Iranian houses which are nearly forgotten in the contemporary era.

Key words: Art, Decorative, House, Space



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