Role of Non Verbal communication in the teaching of English Poetry in Pakistani schools

U.S.A., ID LLCE2016-300;    This study highlights the importance and impact of non-verbal communication on the learning achievement of students of grade 9 and 10 who study English poetry as part of their curriculum in Pakistani schools. In order to determine this influence and impact of non-verbal communication, an investigation was carried out based on the hypotheses of an impact of non-verbal communication on the students’ learning achievements. Population of the study comprised the selected schools in rural and urban areas of Peshawar (North-West of Pakistan). Experiment in the actual classroom setting was conducted in the selected schools. The significant differences between pre and post-tests of the controlled and experimental groups were tested through paired t-test. Results revealed that teachers created learning environment active through their non-verbal gestures; whereby students were attentive in the classrooms and actively participated in the learning process, which consequently enhanced the level of their retention and understanding. Use of non-verbal communication helped the teachers to provide better understanding to the students in their learning achievement. On the contrary those teachers who did not use non-verbal communication in the classroom could not motivate the students for effective learning.




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