Self-reflection as a tool for improving the quality of pedagogical practice in the pre-gradual preparation of teachers

Mariana Sirotová & Eva Frýdková, Slovakia, LLCE2016-327;     Pedagogical practice is an inseparable part of the pre-gradual preparation of teachers and is perceived as the bridge between theoretical and practical preparation. It is also a tool for the development of professional competences of future teachers, therefore it is inevitable to pay attention to it in terms of theory, research and practice. This article introduces the position of self-reflection in the process of evaluating the implementation of pedagogical practice done by Pedagogy students themselves. Through the analysis of self-reflecting evaluation of the implemented practice done by students, it presents various possibilities how to improve the pedagogical practice in pre-gradual preparation of teachers itself.

Key words: pedagogical practice, pre-gradual preparation, university student, self-reflection, analysis of text documents



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