Situating Language Tests in Relation to the CEFR

Slovakia, ID LLCE2015-245

The presentation outlines the process of aligning the English tests to the CEFR focusing on the stages recommended by the Manual. Beginning with the training of English teachers to interpret the CEFR levels to exemplar test items and tasks, the process of aligning the school-leaving examination tests to the CEFR was based on test items measuring receptive skills (listening and reading) and those measuring the ability to use grammar and vocabulary. Using a multiple linear regression analysis, a high degree of correlation determined the relative importance of the language in use score to the total score. Carried out in 2013 and 2014, the research referring to the comparison of teacher´s judgements of test-takers´ performances and test-takers´ testing scores confirmed our assumption related to a gap between teaching and testing. Both the official scores of the test-takers and teachers´ judgements will be presented and commented on. The research has proved that teachers are to be trained how to construct a good test and design good items, which is likely to be reflected in their teaching. 

Key words: CEFR, Manual, validation, quality, fairness




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