Slovak as a second language of children and possibilities of its development in kindergartens

Markéta Fiľagová, University of Trnava, Slovakia;    Abstract: The paper deals with the possibility of supporting children with different mother tongue in learning Slovak in the institutional environment of kindergartens. As the current conditions do not legally recognize the category of children with a different mother tongue, these children are not entitled to any special systematic assistance in learning the state language. Teachers are left in this process without any helping hand. Therefore, in the following paper we consider the possibilities of inspiration that can be transferred to pre-school practice in the field of foreign language teaching and special education and their potential benefit for children who do not know the language used in kindergarten. The common feature of these procedures is their visualization, which represents underdeveloped language expression, their individualization according to the possibilities and needs of specific children, which affects the emotions of the child and encourages motivation to enter the communication situation and last but not least the low-cost solutions.

Key words: children with different mother tongue, Slovak as a second language, kindergarten



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