Sociability and its impact on successful team work in an online environment

Vladimira Froldova, Czech Republica, ID CLEaR2016-334;        The aim of this study is to explore the relationships between team members and their influence on a team achievement during project work in an online environment. Thirty English language students (from an upper secondary school in Prague) worked in twelve teams on a detailed guided tour through one historical Prague district by means of an online tool wiki. The main aim of the research was to answer the questions: Does student’s sociability have an impact on team work, and if it does, to which extent? The methods of a post-questionnaire, a sociometric-rating questionnaire SORAD (Hrabal and Hrabal, 2002) and an analysis of students’ wiki contributions were used.  Firstly, the paper deals with the terms sociability and sociometry in language education, then the research is introduced and finally, the results are presented. The results show that student’s position in a class plays more important role in team cooperation and collaboration than their personal preferences or motivation.

Key words: sociability, sociometric methods, project – based learning, wikis



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