Social Issues in Indian Arabic Poetry

India, ID LLCE2016-269;     This paper will discuss on the important role played by Indian Arabic poets in social reform of the society in their respective country and it also studies the evolution of social poetry in modern times and how the poets used it as a weapon to uproot the evils of society and to expose the tyrants and corrupt rulers. The social poetry started at the end of thirteenth century and and the beginning of the fourteenth century against injustice, tyranny, poverty, backwardness, moral deviations and the suffering of women  when the Delhi Sultanate was founded. In eighteenth century some Indian Arabic poets sheds light on freedom because of the ongoing conflict with the  British colonial powers that the poets realized the importance of their role in society and felt their responsibility towards their countrymen.

Following are the some important findings of the study:

  • The issues of women were one of the most controversial issues that divided the poets into several teams all of them with a very different point of view on this issue, and all of them have their share of contribution in the process of liberation and empowerment of women
  • There is a vital difference between poets in their approach to social issues due to the difference between their social, economical, and literary background.
  • Most of the poets in their desire for reform were not influenced by the religious sentiments but were affected by ideas of reform coming from the west.
  • In their social poetry the poets preferred the use of simple and easy language because this kind of poetry was meant to address the common people who had very low literacy rate at that time.
  • Indian poets describe incidences of rape in our country and how the society should react towards this menacing crime.



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