Subordinate causal clauses in Albanian language

FABIANA VELENCIA, ALBANIA, ID CLEaR2016-379;         Causative connectors viewed in different aspects and analyzed in different subordinate causal clauses. The Albania scholar Mehmet Celiku explains that the causative sentences should express relation between the main clause and the subordinate one, where the main clause gives the effect and the subordinate one gives the cause. In this case we have cause-effect. In the Albanian language there are three groups of connectors divided based on a) the semantic–function derivation; b) time related connectors but in the same case gives causative meaning; c) the last group are the comparative connectors but in the causative sentences they gain causative meaning.
In the second part the researcher’ focus will be the Albanian syntax, where are known two main types of the subordinate causative clauses; a) ascertaining causal connectors and b) reasoning causal connectors. It is not very easy the analyses of the given subordinated causal clauses but they can be defined by the position of the causal clause. The first type is positioned after the main clause and the second type the subordinate clause is positioned in front or in the middle of the main clause.
Keywords: causative connectors, Albanian syntax, subordinate causal clause.



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