Alžbeta Lobotková, University of Ss Cyril and Methodius, Slovakia, ID LLCE2017-145;       Abstract: In the intentions of creative and humanistic education, the emphasis is particularly on the need of change of teacher’s approach to students, which need to be seen in terms of reducing the directivity style in the teaching style of teacher. Behaviors, verbal, and non-verbal expressions of the teacher that affect and influence the students can be considered as basic characteristics of the teacher’s style of teaching. In this regard, the research study aims to identify which style of teaching is preferred by multicultural education teachers. The research sample was made up of teachers from secondary vocational schools in Trencin region. The teacher’s style of teaching was investigated using the microteaching analysis using the AS9 analytical scheme. The results show that teachers of multicultural education predominantly have a lower degree of directivity style.    

Key words: Teacher´s style of teaching, directivity style of teaching, nondirectivity style of teaching, multicultural education