Teaching Business English: A Need Based Study

RASHMI REKHA BORAH, VIT University Chennai, India, ID CLEaR2017-402;       Abstract: This paper presents the research findings on needs analysis conducted through a questionnaire survey, among students and teachers of management colleges across Assam, India. Why Assam, because it is a developing state in India and has many areas which needs to be developed more importantly the education sector.
Independent variables related to the research questions as curriculum design and syllabus related needs in language learning context were taken into consideration. These variables were selected to analyse the data. The responses of students’ questionnaire are calculated on SPSS 16.0 software. The quantitative data was collected from Items 1-11.The findings relating to the research questions are discussed in detail. The sample size is 309 collected from various rural, urban and peri-urban part of the State with the help of a questionnaire and structured interview.
Keywords: Business English, English for Specific Purposes, need analysis, academic needs, professional needs



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