Teaching the Suprasegmental Features to the EFL Learners

dr. Hana Vancova, Trnava University in Trnava, Slovakia;          Abstract: The previous research on suprasegmental features has shown, that stress, intonation and the overall rhythmicity of speech have an impact on the overall comprehensibility of spoken texts by the native speakers of English. The EFL teachers should be aware of the importance of the suprasegmental features. In addition, they should be able to structure their English lessons to allow their students to master these pronunciation features, that are used effectively predominantly by the more advanced EFL learners. The aim of the contribution is to provide a review of the recent studies on pronunciation teaching dealing with the suprasegmental features of English.

This contribution presents partial results of the project KEGA 001TTU-4/2019 Higher education of non-native teachers of foreign languages in national and international contexts needs of non-native teachers of foreign languages in international research context.


Key words: pronunciation, suprasegmental features, EFL, teaching, stress, intonation, rhythm



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