Technology Enhanced Teaching in Slovak Educational Context: Facing the Reality

Zuzana Straková, Slovakia, ID CLEaR2016-359;           The learning process in technology enhanced language learning (TELL) provides new perspectives, new challenges and issues to consider by tutors who are involved in this kind of education. Even very experienced teachers might hesitate when facing a task to supervise a technology enhanced course. There are many things which can be transferred from traditional classes; however, there remain a lot of things which will be different. Tutors need to be ready for challenges they must face in TELL and flexible enough to solve the problems they did not anticipate before the course. Indeed very often they have to adjust the course to a new situation during the course when facing an unexpected situation. Most of the tasks, however, must be considered in advance to make sure we know what the outcomes of the course are going to be. The aim of this presentation is to demonstrate the viewpoints of the e-course participants and highlights the possible cures for challenging situations that teachers have to face when they choose technology enhanced teaching. The data included in the presentation are from the study conducted in a Slovak tertiary level school.



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