The effective ways of civic education

Mari Tsiklauri, Georgia, ID LLCE2016-360;   Only society, equipped with civic consciousness will retain identity and take stand in modern global world. The research aim at revealing distinctive characters of Georgian way of thinking based on the examples from scientific works and fiction. Interesting explanation regarding essence of citizenship is given by a great Georgian scientist Saint Grigol Peradze in his series of letters “Content of real citizenship” (interpretation  of  The Lord's Prayer - Our Father ). He postulates:” Aim of citizen’s life and of citizenship itself should be God".Civic Consciousness in the history of Georgian literature originates from hagiography and immediately comprises double service. Hagiography hero serves for conversion of  physical and spiritual “desert” into “city”. The poetry of great Georgian poet Vazha-Pshavela possesses all characteristics of highly developed civic consciousness.Vazha-Pshavela is considered to be “a poet of future”, also “a poet of soul”, because his creative work is directed towards spiritual forces of a human and serve for spiritual prosperity. Georgia has ancient and rich literature, important not only locally, but worldwide as well.



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