The Case of a Curriculum Renewal Process Based on Global Scale of English

Dilek Altındaş, Turkey, ID LLCE2016-341;                 Anadolu University, like many other Turkish universities, has a school of foreign languages which aims to equip students with the necessary language skills and strategies to help them cope with their studies regarding their majors in their faculties. Since its foundation in 1998, School of Foreign Languages has had a few curriculum renewal processes to adapt its program to the changes in the field of second language education, technology and student profiles. The latest renewal has been in progress for two years, which is based on the Global Scale of English (GSE), a standardised, granular scale measuring English language proficiency. In this process, a team of language teachers have worked on the following issues step by step: Identifying the outcomes for each language level according to GSE; selecting course materials matching the aimed outcomes, determining what and how to assess the outcomes and preparing syllabus for each level.  In this study, the overall picture of the whole process will be outlined with a particular emphasis on the latest version of the curriculum elements, which may give insights to the language programs planning a curriculum renewal process.

Key Words: GSE, curriculum renewal process, curriculum development, curriculum elements, assessment




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