The Differences in the Music Test Conducted in the German Language between Students of Bilingual, Philological and Social Science – Language Streams in the First Grammar School of Niš “Stevan Sremac”

Ana Đorđević, Faculty of Philology in Belgrad, Serbia: In this paper, the results of testing students of the First Grammar School of Niš “Stevan Sremac” are presented. At the time of the research (school year 2016/17), the fourth year did not have a bilingual class, so the students of the first three years of the bilingual, philological and social-language streams were tested. The paper presents the analysis of the results of testing the students’ knowledge with regard to receptive language skills (reading comprehension) and thematic knowledge in the field of music. The results are presented by year and stream. The results of individual streams are first presented by year, and then they are compared to one another.
The students of all three years were tested with tests which were made for the requirements of conducting this testing based on the curriculum of a given class in the Music course. The testing was not anonymous. The students were asked to state their name, surname, class, GPA, grade in the German course, grade in the Music course, because it is assumed that the success on the tests is correlated with the grade in the German language course, grade in the music course, and the GPA at school.


Key words:

bilingual teaching, First Grammar School of Niš “Stevan Sremac”, CLILiG, language competence, music



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