The discussions of critical criminology in the dialogues of the characters in Parvin Ehtesami’s Poems

Farhad Kakarash & Bayez Enayati, Iran, ID LLCE2017-169;      Abstract: Parvin Ehtesami is a critical and social poet in both Persian Language and  contemporary Literature.  In the current study, the authors tries to study one of Parvin Ehtesami’s  poems  in the field of critical criminology where she defends the accused people. The present research method is descriptive-analytic. The results of the study show that Parvin Ehtesami  criticizes the society and juridical systems and the agents of these systems in the contemporary  century, saying that these systems by themselves are the actual agents of crimes and disorders and these topics are also related to critical criminology, which are being expressed beautifully in the poems of Parvin Ehtesami, i.e.  in the discourse of bigotry.

Key words: Parvin Ehtesami, critical criminology, contemporary poem





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