The Effectiveness of R-Meta Strategy to Enhance Writing Skills Among Undergraduate Students

Saadiah Kummin, Shahlan Surat, Saemah Rahman, Khaidzir Hj Ismail, & Roselind Razali; Malaysia, ID LLCE2016-339;         This article highlights the effectiveness of R-Meta strategy in writing an essay. The writing task, which was an essay where students have to give their reaction, showed that the students did not have the needed writing skills. This study is to review the actions intended to review whether the R-Meta strategy can help improve writing skills among the students. In addition, this study also explores the ability of students to reflect on their achievement in writing the reaction essay. Data was analysed using descriptive method which includes analysis of the mean score performance of the essay, students’ reflection and teachers’ feedback. Therefore, this study is expected to be the basis for the construction of a specific module to help improve students’ writing skills. These findings show the use of R-META strategy can help improve students’ achievement. The strategies used are in a form of innovative teaching and learning materials that can be used by teachers to improve teaching in the classroom.

Keywords : R-Meta, metacognitive, FCESI, intervention, Academic Communication




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