The Influence of Katutubong Paaralan ng Jose P Laurel to the Enrichment of Dumagat’s Mother Tongue in the Perception of the Teachers

Ibrahim, Sharah M., Venturina, Fiella May V., & Villareal, Ariza Joyce S., Lyceum of the Philippines University in Manila, Philippines, ID LLCE2018-321;      Abstract: Philippines holds such great cultural diversity by having an estimate of 14- 17 million Indigenous Peoples (IPs) belonging to 110 ethno-linguistic groups. However, in the Philippines indigenous people are experiencing deprivation of access to quality education which is a major factor contributing to social marginalization, poverty and dispossession.

On the other hand the Lyceum of the Philippines COSel ADHIKA (Arugain and Dakilang Hiyas ng Kalikasan at Katutubong Karunungan) is one of the non-government organizations that struggles to help the Dumagat, which is one of the indigenous people in the Philippines through supporting their educational needs by establishing the Katutubong Paaralan ni Jose P. Laurel. One of the main priority of the school is to encourage the usage of the Dumagat’s mother tongue. In connection to this, the researchers of this study interviewed the Dumagat teachers and observed the Dumagats in order to identify the importance of language to the Dumagats’s culture as well as to analyze the changes and influences made by the integration of JPL elementary school specifically to the language of the Dumagats

Key words: Indigenous people, Dumagat, perception, language, education, teachers, LPU




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