The interplay between text and image. The mechanism of intersemiotic translation

Milena Yablonsky, Poland, ID CLEaR2016-335;       The primary objective of the following paper is the analysis of selected problems and challenges related to the translation of comic books/graphic novels on the basis of the Polish version of “V like Vendetta” by Alan Moore. The paper aims at investigating the relationships between the text and the image and their implications in the process of translation. It reflects on the status of the translation of comics/graphic novels - a still largely unexploited area within Translation Studies and briefly presents a definition and specificity of the genre.  Morover, it  discusses Jakobson’s (1971) tripartite distinction between interlinguistic, intralinguistic and intersemiotic translation. The paper concludes with the analysis of how the interplay of verbal text and images in a page may affect and may be affected by translation and discusses problematic aspects of translating „V like Vendetta” into Polish, a text that is copious with intertextual and cultural references.

KEY WORDS: intersemiotc translation, graphic novel, comics, V like Vendetta, Jakobson



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