The Language of Advertisements in Post-Soviet Kyrgyzstan (based on the contemporary Kyrgyz newspapers)

Chymanova Zhyldyz, Kyrgyzstan, ID CLEaR2016-370;              The paper is devoted to the analysis of the advertising texts in the modern Kyrgyz language revealing the peculiar features of the advertisements’ content. Since gaining the independence in 1991 Kyrgyzstan started to develop in many spheres, firstly in economics, along with it the necessity of the advertising texts has also increased. It is known that the main factor influencing the business process is an effective advertising text skillfully created to attract the customer’s attention. The language of advertisements is considered to be bright and vivid, in some cases it is full of “loud” expressions and phrases, at the same time the advertising text has become a big part of a language, so this phenomenon has risen up active scientific interest. In the paper the old Soviet newspapers (published in Kirgiz SSR) have been compared with the papers of the independent Kyrgyzstan with an aim to analyze the significance of the advertising text in the modern Kyrgyz newspapers.

The paper discusses the peculiar features of the contemporary language of advertising based on the examples taken from the Kyrgyz language. The process of the language development has taken one of the significant parts in the system of every language, therefore the language of advertising has very close interaction with the science of linguistics.  This paper investigates the structure and usage of the words and phrases used in the ads in Kyrgyz; the factors that influence the Kyrgyz ads’ formation; the peculiarities of the colourful emotional characteristics of the language of advertising in the Kyrgyz language. The main focus of the paper has been given to the modern language of advertising which is entirely different from the Kyrgyz language in the Soviet period.

Key words: advertisement, contemporary language, Kyrgyz language, analysis, newspapers, mass media, linguistics.



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