The Learn&Lead Career Path of a Trainer

Slovakia, ID Výzvy2016-479;    

The aim of this presentation is to inform the professional audience about the achievements of Harmony Academy accomplished in mobility projects co-funded by the national agency SAAIC in 2010 – 2016. Thanks to our pro-active international project work, focused systematic approach and creativity, we managed to build an internationally recognized quality brand of Learn&Lead. As the result of this, the Learn&Lead career path of a trainer will be realized by English language teacher and/or trainer-training programmes from 1st July 2016 in collaboration with the Association of Language Schools of the Slovak republic.

Learn&Lead mission is to improve the capacities of language schools, notably in the areas of strategic development, organisational management, leadership, and quality of learning provision, internationalisation, equity and inclusion, qualitative and targeted activities for specific groups.

Specific Aims of Learn&Lead

  • Increase quality of language training
  • Develop international cooperation in order to implement the latest findings in language training 
  • Disseminate and share the latest developments in language training with the key target groups (Methodological centres, companies, schools, teachers and trainers)
  • Promoting entrepreneurship education to transform traditional language schools into economically self-reliant, growing and lively business bodies

Key words:

professional development, multinational projects, learning partnerships, leadership, management, career path, teacher-training, trainer-training, innovative approaches



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