The modern romanian grammars – a few remarks on terms and concepts (virtual paper)

Romania, ID LLCE2015-162b

The study of language, mainly its grammar, is an essential premise in any culture and education. We focus, therefore, on the impact of the recent academic grammars of Romanian language - Gramatica Limbii Române (GALR) and Gramatica de bază a limbii române (GBLR). They are meant to be "theoretically sophisticated" descriptions and their intended modernity in conception and topics is extended to the terminology. We discuss some terminological "innovations" in GBLR - on one hand, the new terms for the new concepts and, on the other hand, the renaming of traditional concepts. We investigate the necessity and/or the accuracy of such terms, and, nevertheless, the constancy of their utilisation (in relationship with the grammar concept for which they stand for). As a preliminary conclusion, we observe that the new terminology in the description of the Romanian language is rather heterogeneous - both from the point of view of being adequate to the linguistic reality they describe, and from the point of view of its precision and its lack of ambiguity.

Key words: terms, specific meaning, (de)terminologization, concept



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